Alopecia Areata – Clinical trial results

Clinical studies considering Alopecia Areata took place in the 401 Military Hospital of Athens and the results are remarkable. The procedure is about Mr. Mexis' invention. The cosmetic lotion which has already begun being used on patients while the doctors of the Dermatological clinic that are in charge, examine the results.

Alopecia Areata is a clinical condition characterized by hair loss on the head or the entire body, partial or total (Totalis). In that specific case, hair loss is unstable and creates bald patches of 1-5 cm, where skin becomes slick as there is no hair at all. the condition's evolution is unpredictable as it can be gradual or immediate and as a result, the sufferer can lose a big amount of hair or all of his or her hair from the head or even the entire body in a very short period of time.

It is also proven that baldness, especially on the head is responsible for disturbing the sufferer's total health condition and therefore responsible for the cause of many severe diseases such as cardiovascular disease, traumatic brain diseases, psychosomatic disorders, visual defects, prostate cancer etc.

Primary Results
According to the dermatologist and manager of the clinical study, the primary results of the first 2 months with the use of MEXIS/M6S Patent lotion are very satisfactory and they seem to be related to the age and severity of the problem. The average percentage of hair regrowth was 25% on the first month of usage and 35% on the second.