Mexis Test

Mexis Test
Mexis Test is a certain diagnosis in which hair is examined analytically so to start the best suitable treatment and exclude any possibility of hair dilution in the future. It’s an examination that must be done for every man or woman regardless of age.
The problem’s early treatment is necessary as hair dilution, according to the National Hellenic Research Foundation (National Documentation Center), can bring serious complications in human health.

It is also recommended for immediate prevention to exclude any probable future case of baldness appearance as well as any unwanted complication baldness can bring.

Generally, MEXIS TEST is about

-Checking the state of head’s skin
-Diagnosis of a possible hair loss problem
-Effective treatment of hair loss and hair dilution of the head or face (beard, eyebrows)
-Early prevention – Check-up
-Skin and hair care if hair dyes are used or frequent styling changes are done
-Optional photo-shooting for better observation of the evolution

During the process, examination with a magnifying glass, pull test, mapping of the hair and skin are carried out. It is exclusively held in Mexis Studios upon appointment.

When it must be done?
During the infancy (2+ years old), in the beginning of puberty, in adulthood and then once a year as long as whenever there’s a sign or sense of a starting dilution or increased hair loss.

Help us estimate the right treatment for you

Since MEXIS TEST has taken place, the examined person will be able to have further advisory support in the process of his treatment.
When our hair is fully restored, it remains on the head for 15-20 years and in cases that we had verified that the treatment was over, hair remained. In any case, the person that is imposed to the treatment must strictly follow our instructions to achieve the final results and maintain them as well.

* MEXIS TEST can’t take place if products like hair gel or other hair styling products or cover up products like nano hair have been used throughout the day of the specific Test.