Recommendations from Distinguished Scientists and Doctors

Distinguished scientists and doctors of International standards speak in writing or by speach in interviews about the efficiency and safety of Mr Mexis's invention.


Rantou Persefoni - Member of the Greek Dermatological company & Doctor of University of Rio, in Patras(GR)

“Lately, an oily mixture named after its inventor's name MEXIS/M6S PATENT, has been used with very good results and in daily dosage fights against the problem of hair loss. It's not a drug and therefore there are no side-effects. Clinical trials before and after its use showed improvement in cases of alopecia at a percentage of 75% by rebuilding cells, refreshing the hair and also stabilizing the case permanently. Also, problems such as sebum, dry skin, redness and itching are improved gradually with 100% success against hair loss. The usage of a clearly natural product, results in the certain solution for the first and your last choice when facing hair loss.”


Vathiotis Athanasios - Pathologist

“It's a cosmetic lotion and though experimental research I read, I can surely say that as they are signed by 3 top scientists of the field in Europe, at the University of Pavia in Italy, this lotion indeed has no side-effects or toxic result for human health. The clinical trials prove that in a large field of people who used it, hair loss was decreased even to none, decreased oiliness of the hair, dry skin, redness and strengthens the hair.”


Eleana Karalli - MD Msc, Dermatologist - Derma Clinic


Dr. Markos Papakonstantis - Arch doctor - Manager of the Dermatol. clinic of the Military Hospital of Athens 401

"The results are very satisfactory even in the first 2 months of the cosmetic lotion's use and they appear to be related to the severity and age of the problem."


Dr. Carlo Carrera, Prof. Fulvio Marzatico, Dr. Claudio Angelinetta - BioBasic Europe

“According to the obtained results, the product called MEXIS/M6S PATENT has proved to be efficacious in the treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia. The number of fallen hair in the pull test decreases after constant product’s use because hair get stronger and thicker. During the period of treatment hair is less greasy and scalp desquamates less: the number of scales significantly decreases after 60 days of treatment. MEXIS/M6S PATENT has proved to be very well tolerated: Indeed it did cause neither itching or redness. The latter decreases in those volunteers who suffered from redness before product’s use.”


Claudio Angelinetta - Bio Basic Europe s.r.l. Technical Director

“After examining the toxicological profile of each raw material on the basis of each exposure level of the product, it can be stated that at a preliminary level this product can be reasonably considered not dangerous for the consumer’s health provided that the afore-said product is used properly.”

All statements are based on clinical trials of efficacy and safety that MEXIS/M6S PATENT lotion has been submitted to.